The night had two moons

The sky descended down 
with her heavy veil of cloud
lifted above her dark hair
She brushed her lips against 
the earth and rose swiftly 
back in the air leaving behind 
the earth restless with lips parted

The sky descended down 
with her lips shaped as a ring
to tickle the earth with her breath
She whispered in her ear 
and watched her moan and
blink the million leafy eyelashes
that the world would trim

The sky descended down 
with her starlit fingers stretched
brushing the palm of earth
She held her hand firmly 
to fly her away, away from 
this world that was sleeping 
in the shade of her bridal veil.


I am timeless

A perpetual load on my desk for the next day
then why do some nights make me more restless?

Worn out and drained the same each night
then why do some nights make me more sleepless?

Rendezvous with accretive failures
then why do some nights make me more hopeless?

Same maniac and jittery person retires to bed
then why do some nights make me more breathless?

Chattering on end to spill out everything
then why do some nights make me more friendless?

Drowning deep in the ocean of distractions
then why do some nights make me more aimless?

Same dead man roaming around the world
then why do some nights make me more lifeless?

I wait patiently for the shooting star on all nights
then why do all nights vanish effortlessly by morning?
For countless nights, I wait. I am timeless.


Stuck in time

There is a roof above me
But it is too high to touch
It is magical – it is chameleon
It has so many dots
They form so many patterns
And the sky still looks empty
It looks still. It is stuck in time.

I lowered my hand in the river
Took the drops and aimed at those dots –
Above and below the water.
Only the water danced with my hand
But it looks still. It is stuck in time.

These dots twinkle in the sky
These dots twinkle beneath the river
Each paired up with its reflection
But they are still. They are stuck in time.

More beautiful than the gems
The gems studded on His crown
More lively than the firefly
The fireflies dancing between the trees
More in number than the water drops
The water drops that fill the gap between these dots
Shinier and brighter than the moon
The moon that doesn’t come on certain nights
More comfortable than my home
The home that I shall leave upon my death
So many souls inhabiting these dots
But they are still. They are stuck in time.

And my eyes are stuck on the sky
How long will it outplay this dead game?
I turn my neck but I don’t lose
There is a star flying in the sky
Why the sky let me win?
Or was it He flying the star?
Was it He who fought the sky?
Was it He who is dead but still alive?
Now I am still. I am stuck in time.

My gaze still locked by the sky
A gentle wind blows to bring life
The water rises and falls to play some music
I and the sky continue our dead game.

The wind wants me to give up
It caresses my cheeks
It wraps my curls around my eyes
It blows against my eyelids
It gets rougher, and now I struggle
I can’t see the stars above –
The wind is dancing
I can’t see the stars beneath –
The river is singing
The wind tickles me
The wind hurts me
The wind makes me realize – 
I can choose to open and close my eyes,
I am alive.
I lie down on river bed
My eyes are now closed
The lullaby is sung by the breeze
I fell asleep.
I dream of a star – not for me
But the one on which He lives
And the stars – they must be shining.
They look still. They are stuck in time.

PS- To every shooting star that I see, I pray that I could see you again. One last time.


Come Back to Me (5)


“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens” – Rumi

Time and again, my heart has broken
Each piece recites the love unspoken

Sunken eyes and a crooked nose
Never had a skin that glows
Shabby, I am shabby in appearance
My reflection is scared of my face

Are these words not bitter enough?
Remember, he’ll treat you rough.

O darling, but you want to fall
Carrying last drops of desire, you crawl
I saw his smile drilling hole in our wall
Soon I was alarmed and gave you a call

A pirate looking for love, flying on the mizzen
That sailor saw, but never reached the horizon

Still, you continue heading for him
Clasp the air, you ain’t gonna find him
The truth is gonna hurt you the most
O darling, you are in love with a ghost

You are hurt, I can see
O darling, come back to me…

PS- Darling, are you meant to just shatter?
Or am I a fool who finds only rocks to hit you on them?
You have opened so much that you have turned inside out.


Come Back to Me (4)

Stupid Heart

O darling – you forced me
to make a mistake, and now
here I am – standing between
him and the sunset

I warned you it is dangerous
Chances of falling are numerous
I begged you don’t go that way
I am here for you, you just stay

O darling – please stop racing
What is out there that you are chasing?
I never wanted you to go that way
You are stupid, now we both are gonna pay

O darling – you don’t have any brain
You can’t anticipate the oncoming pain
What is mine is no longer mine
O darling – your offer will be declined

You don’t have ears, you don’t listen
You can’t see my tears and cheeks glisten
You are sailing in the dark, he won’t light a candle
Why my darling, is he that special?

Will I ever count more than him?
Like always he is gonna win
No gains, you keep on chasing him
He will make you more and more grim

You have increased your speed
You both are killing me indeed
Making me breathless
Your thumpings are reckless

I can’t breathe, he is not bothered
I request you, but I am not heard
O darling – I am about to lose you
He couldn’t be mine, now it’s about


or Me?


Come Back to Me (3)


You resurrected all the butterflies
Flapping their wings through my eyes
I am getting tickled by their rapid fluttering
Sending chills down my spine, I am quivering

With each knot opening, I am losing control
Leaving my body dancing is my soul
Still, I am resisting, I am trying to avoid you
Not just my dreams, you are messing the reality too

Mature, composed, why won’t you be adored?
Your charming look can’t be ignored
One more heartbreak I can’t afford
Yet I want you to raise my score

The wall is developing a very fine crack
Difficult for my emotions to hold back
Once in a while, I can’t help but smile
You smell like lavender it’s turning me wild

I have started opening
Every inch of me convulsing
Dreams unite us, our love turns true
And here I am miles apart from you

You remind me of many people
Or many people remind me of you
Doesn’t matter, familiar are you

You are appealing, I am entrapped.
To reach your heart there is no map
My heart never had any sense
We are on opposite sides of the fence


Come Back to Me (2)


Sitting next to you, my fingers playing with yours
Every time you let go, mine feel empty and turn sore
They start wriggling so they start to chase yours
Entangled in yours is like a barefoot stroll along a shore

When they are near you, when they can catch you
When they can kiss you, when they can enjoy you
When they can talk to you, when they can drown in you
They are then grateful because my eyes only want you

Wrapped in your arms – this desire is growing
My heart can’t contain this passion overflowing
My arms are longing for that embrace
My heart listens to yours with no gaping space

I have a deadly disease, you are the only cure
Every path leads to you, no matter what is the door
A wild beast burning inside my chest
Come and undress to caress it with your zest

Nanopoblano 2020 – 10/10


Come Back to Me (1)


My eyes – aloof, stern, and solemn
My heart addicted to love is a problem
My lips yearn but won’t get parted
My fingers entwined in air half-hearted

My teeth biting my lips intensely
My gaze following you intently
My breath is on hold as I behold
Take my cold body in your arms and enfold

My heart dancing on some random beats
“I want you and only you” it repeats
Although this limerent heart is mine
All my orders – it continues to decline

It keeps on dragging me into trouble
It has a pin to burst every bubble
Again it blossomed into a young man
As always it was not part of the plan

Nanopoblano 2020 – 9/10

Come Back to Me (2) – Covetous

Come Back to Me (3) – Limerence

Come Back to Me (4) – Stupid Heart

Come Back to Me (5) – Ghost


He is eighty, She is seventy

married for eternity, yet
haven’t danced together or
sang songs for each other
never used the phrase “I love you”
but both knew it was hanging
if not floating, in the air.

Their beds that were once
one large bed, have a large
silent musical gap in between
on which the frayed
blanket, torn in two, dances.

On his bed, he farts
cause he doesn’t hear,
she gorges even after burps
cause he doesn’t hear
He hates his hearing aid,
now she can’t hear whispers
cause she always yells.
Still, he mutters-
why does she whisper?

She answers his phone calls
cause he doesn’t hear
the loud ringtones
or the hello from the other end.
He complains- “My children have
forgotten me, their children have
forgotten me.” She yells that they
all love him. She won’t say
she loves him, cause he doesn’t hear.

No television, no internet
but both are busy.
Lost in his newspaper
that he never lets her touch,
a treasure he enshrines
on his bedside dating
from some random years.
She stealthily takes a few away
so that the pile won’t fall on him.

High blood sugar, swollen knees
thinning hair, bags under eyes
both sick in their beds.
He makes her tea. His eyes on her face,
getting restless when she isn’t around.
He is scared that tomorrow
when she’ll whisper his name,
the way she does every day,
he won’t be there.

Nanopoblano 2020 – 6/10