Poem Fairy


“Hey, welcome back. How was your school?

“It was inspiring.

He said in a sing-song way. I could see his eyes beaming with joy as if he had discovered some gem.

“Hmm inspiring. Whom did you meet? Elon Musk?

With his hands now resting on his hips and his eyebrows furrowed, he started staring at me while squinting his eyes. Holding that expression, he said, “I want to become a poet. Do you know how to become one?”

I adjusted my glasses to avoid looking at him from over it. “Well, you have to write a poem. But what about being a programmer?” 

“I was a kid then. 

“Sure, you were a kid a few weeks back.” I muttered.

“Now, I know I want to become a poet. And if you have a poet inside you, a Poem Fairy visits you in your dream. 

“I see, she never visited me. 

He came closer and patted my right knee. “It’s okay, Mom. It happens. Not everyone is lucky.”

“Thanks love. I am wondering what that fairy does? Does she write a new poem or tweaks an older one?

“I don’t know much, but she gives you words. Will she visit me, Mom?

What should I have replied? She never visited me. “If you write a poem, maybe she will.” 

“Actually, I wrote one poem. Do you want to read it?

“Wow. Why don’t you recite?


He is a performer. Look at the way he clears his throat. I will get him one beret also.

“Here it goes …
Twinkle twinkle the tough wrinkle
Grandma smiles then her nose crinkles
When my released gas sprinkles 
the air, it then tickles the tiny hair 
peeping out of her nose, the nose 
that she closes then with her fingers.