Personal Narrative

That’s a wrap, baby

Alright cut, cut. 
Are you kidding me? Are you Kidding me?! 
Are you getting this? Look at this! 
Oh my Gosh!

Last day of 2020! I was wondering all the same on the last day of 2019 as well. And then time flew like an arrow. And here we are – 2020 about to become history. I was very excited about 2020. I have been waiting for this fab sounding year 20-20 for the last 22 years that I have spent on this earth. It was a joke. You are supposed to laugh. (By the way, did you notice how my age and this year are related to each other? 👀)

I vividly remember the way 2019 ended. Don’t give credit to my memory. It is the fact that you happen to remember embarrassing moments.

December 30, 2019

Suitcase ✔️
Laptop ✔️
ID card ✔️ 
Ticket ✔️ 
Mobile ✔️ 
Keys ✔️ 
Papa, I am ready.

Wait. Wait.

We forgot the selfie.
Yep, now we can leave.

After 45 minutes, we were at the airport performing our emotional ritual – Goodbyes. It was fun to be in college, and I was only one semester away to get out of the college. But I have always been a homesick child. With every few steps, I turned back to check if my parents left or not. I knew they wouldn’t leave unless I disappeared completely. I got in the queue, patiently waiting for my turn. Meanwhile, I opened the ticket on my mobile. My turn came, and I was asked for it. I expected the same. I always get nervous at this step because I always make a mistake here. I don’t like standing out of the crowd. I prefer to camouflage with them and get away with all this procedure. I showed my ticket and damn! I was again asked to get out of the queue. But this time, it was even worse.

My ears heated up, radiating heat as they turned red. My heart was pounding loud. My hot ears heard its thrums. All the tickles in my stomach made me smile shamelessly.

I stared at my mobile. 
The date! 
January 30, 2020!

My neck was paralyzed. I didn’t dare to turn around and look at my father. I started enumerating the ways to get inside the plane. I begged that lady to let me in. However, she was persistent and kept saying that all seats are reserved. But it was not an issue with me. I was ready to travel all the way standing in the aisle. I assured her that it wouldn’t be a problem for any of the passengers. I had lost my sense that I never had with me. She just gave me looks, and I had no choice but to give up.

We drove back home but not in silence. I wanted to disappear. Today I can dare to laugh and shrug it off. But then I was embarrassed. I wanted to be invisible to avoid the occasional gaze of my parents falling on me. At that moment, I felt skipping an entire month of college to stay back at home. My mind wandered to think about the omens described in the novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Why did God allow me to make this mistake? What is the hidden meaning? Was He trying to tell me that I am going to spend the next year at home?

The next day, I was on the train traveling to my college. LOL.

The prologue for my 2020 was quite apt. Don’t you think so?

I came back home in March after my mid-semester break was extended. (Thanks Covid.) I didn’t anticipate that it was indeed the farewell, college is getting over. I had my e-convocation on October 22. (You got it right, that’s called show off! ) It was not at all exciting. It was just another regular day. (Dear virus, thank you.) I got my first job. Yay! Work from home. Lol. Did I say I am homesick? Yes, that’s right. So, I am loving it. I am indeed grateful to this virus that it gave me such a nice chance to go back to those school days when we all stayed together. Family ❤️. Nevertheless, by no means it is an approval for you – Mr. Covid-19 – to stay back. From the bottom of my heart I thank you, and from even a greater depth of my heart I want to ask you – when are you planning to leave?

Honestly, I don’t care if it is 2019 or 2020, or 2021. All these chapters belong to the same book. A new chapter definitely brings freshness. It will take a few days to adapt to writing 1 instead of 0. Anyway, I hope that the epilogue for 2020 would be more pleasant and less chaotic.