Stuck in time

There is a roof above me
But it is too high to touch
It is magical – it is chameleon
It has so many dots
They form so many patterns
And the sky still looks empty
It looks still. It is stuck in time.

I lowered my hand in the river
Took the drops and aimed at those dots –
Above and below the water.
Only the water danced with my hand
But it looks still. It is stuck in time.

These dots twinkle in the sky
These dots twinkle beneath the river
Each paired up with its reflection
But they are still. They are stuck in time.

More beautiful than the gems
The gems studded on His crown
More lively than the firefly
The fireflies dancing between the trees
More in number than the water drops
The water drops that fill the gap between these dots
Shinier and brighter than the moon
The moon that doesn’t come on certain nights
More comfortable than my home
The home that I shall leave upon my death
So many souls inhabiting these dots
But they are still. They are stuck in time.

And my eyes are stuck on the sky
How long will it outplay this dead game?
I turn my neck but I don’t lose
There is a star flying in the sky
Why the sky let me win?
Or was it He flying the star?
Was it He who fought the sky?
Was it He who is dead but still alive?
Now I am still. I am stuck in time.

My gaze still locked by the sky
A gentle wind blows to bring life
The water rises and falls to play some music
I and the sky continue our dead game.

The wind wants me to give up
It caresses my cheeks
It wraps my curls around my eyes
It blows against my eyelids
It gets rougher, and now I struggle
I can’t see the stars above –
The wind is dancing
I can’t see the stars beneath –
The river is singing
The wind tickles me
The wind hurts me
The wind makes me realize – 
I can choose to open and close my eyes,
I am alive.
I lie down on river bed
My eyes are now closed
The lullaby is sung by the breeze
I fell asleep.
I dream of a star – not for me
But the one on which He lives
And the stars – they must be shining.
They look still. They are stuck in time.

PS- To every shooting star that I see, I pray that I could see you again. One last time.