Come Back to Me (5)


“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens” – Rumi

Time and again, my heart has broken
Each piece recites the love unspoken

Sunken eyes and a crooked nose
Never had a skin that glows
Shabby, I am shabby in appearance
My reflection is scared of my face

Are these words not bitter enough?
Remember, he’ll treat you rough.

O darling, but you want to fall
Carrying last drops of desire, you crawl
I saw his smile drilling hole in our wall
Soon I was alarmed and gave you a call

A pirate looking for love, flying on the mizzen
That sailor saw, but never reached the horizon

Still, you continue heading for him
Clasp the air, you ain’t gonna find him
The truth is gonna hurt you the most
O darling, you are in love with a ghost

You are hurt, I can see
O darling, come back to me…

PS- Darling, are you meant to just shatter?
Or am I a fool who finds only rocks to hit you on them?
You have opened so much that you have turned inside out.

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