Come Back to Me (4)

Stupid Heart

O darling – you forced me
to make a mistake, and now
here I am – standing between
him and the sunset

I warned you it is dangerous
Chances of falling are numerous
I begged you don’t go that way
I am here for you, you just stay

O darling – please stop racing
What is out there that you are chasing?
I never wanted you to go that way
You are stupid, now we both are gonna pay

O darling – you don’t have any brain
You can’t anticipate the oncoming pain
What is mine is no longer mine
O darling – your offer will be declined

You don’t have ears, you don’t listen
You can’t see my tears and cheeks glisten
You are sailing in the dark, he won’t light a candle
Why my darling, is he that special?

Will I ever count more than him?
Like always he is gonna win
No gains, you keep on chasing him
He will make you more and more grim

You have increased your speed
You both are killing me indeed
Making me breathless
Your thumpings are reckless

I can’t breathe, he is not bothered
I request you, but I am not heard
O darling – I am about to lose you
He couldn’t be mine, now it’s about


or Me?

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