Come Back to Me (3)


You resurrected all the butterflies
Flapping their wings through my eyes
I am getting tickled by their rapid fluttering
Sending chills down my spine, I am quivering

With each knot opening, I am losing control
Leaving my body dancing is my soul
Still, I am resisting, I am trying to avoid you
Not just my dreams, you are messing the reality too

Mature, composed, why won’t you be adored?
Your charming look can’t be ignored
One more heartbreak I can’t afford
Yet I want you to raise my score

The wall is developing a very fine crack
Difficult for my emotions to hold back
Once in a while, I can’t help but smile
You smell like lavender it’s turning me wild

I have started opening
Every inch of me convulsing
Dreams unite us, our love turns true
And here I am miles apart from you

You remind me of many people
Or many people remind me of you
Doesn’t matter, familiar are you

You are appealing, I am entrapped.
To reach your heart there is no map
My heart never had any sense
We are on opposite sides of the fence

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