Come Back to Me (2)


Sitting next to you, my fingers playing with yours
Every time you let go, mine feel empty and turn sore
They start wriggling so they start to chase yours
Entangled in yours is like a barefoot stroll along a shore

When they are near you, when they can catch you
When they can kiss you, when they can enjoy you
When they can talk to you, when they can drown in you
They are then grateful because my eyes only want you

Wrapped in your arms – this desire is growing
My heart can’t contain this passion overflowing
My arms are longing for that embrace
My heart listens to yours with no gaping space

I have a deadly disease, you are the only cure
Every path leads to you, no matter what is the door
A wild beast burning inside my chest
Come and undress to caress it with your zest

Nanopoblano 2020 – 10/10

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