Come Back to Me (3)

You resurrected all the butterflies Flapping their wings through my eyes I am getting tickled by their rapid fluttering Sending chills down my spine, I am quivering

Come Back to Me (2)

Sitting next to you, my fingers playing with yours Every time you let go, mine feel empty and turn sore They start wriggling so they start to chase yours Entangled in yours is like a barefoot stroll along a shore

Unfair Integers

After plucking a few hairs of mine, I looked helplessly at my ten-year-old son. “Erhan! Dear, you should rethink what five minus seven is.”

Does ‘i’ look like 1

On her bed with closed eyes, Susan changed her side while wondering why has her alarm not screamed yet. She could have got up, but she chose not to deviate from her plan that she carefully designed in her dream. After all, it is a big day.

Last Night

I was walking with him in the moonlight. It was cold and white. Snow heavily sprayed on roads, rooftops, and leaves. He was thickly wrapped in black. The chilly winds reflected back from his dark coat. On the other hand...


I have a morning meeting I missed my morning eating My brain is now cheating My angry belly heating Sipping water, dreaming cheese Borborygmus! Don’t you sneeze

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