Did you hear that sound? In this deafening silence there was a sound. In this stillness only rocks breathing there was a sound.


Death asks Life to continue Nova dissolved in your ashes left behind Effervescing sorrow stiffens the knots of dust

I Belong to You

You are the sonnet I searched in Holy Writ, I want to read you. You are the melody of a newborn heart I want to listen you. You are ...

The Night before the First Job

She has failed terribly to pin down the Routine Night Sleep wrestler. Upset. Disappointed. She is not at all ready for tomorrow’s Wrestlemania. And her tomorrow’s opponent First Day at Job is the Heavyweight Champion weighing all the nervousness in this world.

It all seems Blue

My eyes swelled and red. My cheeks humid and red. My nose scorching red. My ears sweltering red. My lips chapped and blood red. My heart rugged and forever red.

Two Cups of Coffee

Silvery impish cotton balls, Pestering the sun quietly crawl. Jabbed his eyes, blow their knuckle, The sun goes blind they chuckle. A lofty roof hangs aloof. Standing next to the roof grill,

Bittersweet Honeymoon

Pro Tip: It's about my marriage with Coivd-19. I asked him how he knew about me? He replied that his eyes are on all those eyes that are on him. Why didn’t I understand that he was saying that he couldn’t be monogamous even after our marriage?

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